Lyrics to "Jesus the Son of God"

1 Do you know Jesus, Our Lord, our Savior, Jesus the Son of God? Have you ever seen Him, Or shared of His favor? Jesus the Son of God.

Refrain: O sweet Wonder! O sweet Wonder! Jesus the Son of God; How I adore Thee! O how I love Thee! Jesus the Son of God.

2 God gave Him, a ransom, Our souls to recover; Jesus the Son of God. His blood made us worthy His Spirit to hover; Jesus the Son of God.


3 O who would reject Him, Despise or forsake Him, Jesus the Son of God? O who ever sought Him, And He would not take him? Jesus the Son of God.


4 If you will accept Him And trust and believe Him, Jesus the Son of God, Your soul will exalt Him, And never will leave Him; Jesus the Son of God.


5 Then some day from heaven, On clouds of bright glory, Jesus the Son of God Will come for His jewels, Most precious and holy, Jesus the Son of God.


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